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Shrink Wrapping Roof vs Blue Tarps

US Shrink Wrap crews are in Marathon Florida and the surrounding Keys for Shrink Wrapping Roofs 

US Shrink Wrap and its Emergency Response Asset Protection Team understand the loss that an individual, family, or company may suffer during a catastrophic event. Often, more water damage happens after the storm passes due to ineffective blue tarp covers and/or the availability and waiting time for qualified roofers. Our Shrink-Wrap containment is an effective and affordable solution to prevent further damage. And it allows the mitigation and restoration to begin sooner, by creating a dry environment

Temporary Roof Systems
Shrink Wrapping Services Florida and Nationwide

US Shrink Wrap's residential and commercial shrink wrap roof system is the only answer in mitigating a loss when a roof is blown off, or when a wall is down. Blue tarps only last a short while, and do not adequately protect your home and your  valuables. US Shrink Wrap's temporary building wrap containments many times can keep a family in their home, eliminating the costs of relocation, which is also a step in mitigating the losses. Even if the truss system is not in place, 
we can contain the roof.

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